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Transforming Banks & Capital Market

With our domain and technology expertise, we are transforming the world of finance. Our technology consultants bring engineering and treasury capabilities with innovative culture to the table.

Accelerating success through 
exceptional services

Grow toward industry leadership with SynoFS robust and innovative technologies, domain experience and collaborative partnerships with leading fintech firms.

Capital market and treasury

Transform your organization with best-in-class trading and risk platforms, and by outsourcing non-differentiating functions to a managed trading utility.

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Wholesale & Retail Banking

SynoFS develops exceptional, personalized customer journeys. We create augmented, consistent customer engagements through behaviorally-driven, user-centric experiences.

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Regulatory Compliance

With the expertise in the domain and technology, SynoFS increase its potential for success by having solid risk management controls in place.

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The SynoFS aims at all financial institutions that wish to offer their customers digital insurance solutions, especially banks but also insurance companies.

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Government Solutions

SynoFS provides solutions to banks for government contractors, architects, engineers, and construction workers with numerous ways to streamline their workflows.

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Human Capital

SynoFS provides creative solutions for HR Department using talents in Sharepoint and PowerBI.


Our Offerings


Reducing costs while increasing speed, agility and time-to-market is a finely judged balancing act for banking leaders. It forces decision-makers to find new ways to simplify, optimize and modernize their IT landscape.


And the best way to achieve that is to partner with experienced, banking-first consultant engineers, working together to rationalize and align application portfolios; refresh platforms; deploy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS); optimize workloads and implement intelligent automation.


Transform your organization with best-in-class trading and risk platforms, and by outsourcing non-differentiating functions to a managed trading utility. Enable the next generation of wealth management by improving the customer experience


Our expertise

Bespoken Services

Technology and domain expertise, delivering complex problem-solving and creative innovation for challenging, large-scale assignments.

Latest Tech

Preserving knowledge we are learning everyday is the key to this success. SynoFS has great success in Knowledge Acquisition, Retention and Propagation with strong processes.

Knowledge Acquisition 

An up-to-date IT environment enables you to develop products faster, get them to market earlier and keep your customers much, much happier.


With digital platforms, we offer consumers and small businesses the ability to connect to financial and other service providers through an online or mobile channel as an integrated part of their day-to-day activities.

Our partner

Our partnership with Finmechanics includes implementation of their core products including FM Converge, FM Canvas and FM Connect.

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